Richard Felix Returns to the Dolphin

How many haunted sites are damp or wet? Marshlands, lakes, streams, and rivers.
Come and hear stories of the haunted history of Derby’s main artery, the River Derwent. (ghosts and history can’t be separated)
Come and join Richard Felix on his return to Derby’s oldest and most haunted pub Ye Old Dolphin, for his new River Ghost Walk. There are thirteen known river ghosts between St. Mary’s Bridge and Exeter Bridge. Hear tales of executed Catholic priests, ghostly Viking long ships, suicides, fatal accidents and counterfeiting all held in the damp atmosphere of the River Derwent.
Widen your knowledge and let Richard explain his theories on ghosts including “the water tape theoryā€¯ and complete your evening with a visit to the haunted cellar whilst listening to stories of body snatchers and public dissection. Your evening ends with a candle lite supper and more stories.

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