Ghost Cars – ARK 666Y – Ford Capri


Cars seem to be as haunted as houses, statley homes and castles. Cars have many emotions “attached ” to them such as love and pride, but also trauma as a result of accidents, suicides, and assassinations. These haunted vehicles range from the famous to the obscure such as James Deans Porsche, Arche Duke Ferdinand’s Graf and Stift Double Phaeton, Bonnie and Clyde’s 1934 Ford V8. There are haunted vehicles in most motor museums and “cursed “cars on many motor traders’ forecourts. This DVD, the first in a series features haunted Ford Capri ARK 666. This car features regularly on worldwide T.V programmes, in newspapers, magazines and books. The past and present history surrounding this car is both strange and interesting with many weird and wonderful things happening to a large percentage of the people, buildings and other vehicles that come into contact with The Haunted Capri ARK666Y.. After watching this DVD you will never see your car in the same light again.
P.S. Don’t look in the mirror.


Technical Information
Region Encoding: Region Region 0
Number of Discs: 1
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Video Format: Pal