Staffordshire Ghosts DVD


Staffordshire Ghosts, According to Richard Felix, Staffordshire is one of the most haunted Counties in Britain and possibly throughout the whole of Europe. This video will take the viewer on a tour of some of the most ghostly sites in the County. We interview people who have personal experience of supernatural happenings in their own day to day life; not in dungeons or graveyards, but in public places where anyone can frequent at any time and could possibly witness the same eerie occurrences. Richard will take you to many haunted buildings and tell you the macabre details of the spirits that are often reported to be still in occupation of the place which was the scene of some dark and dastardly happening hundreds of years ago. After watching this video even the most sceptical of viewer will never again feel totally at ease in some of the venues which have their own ghostly story revealed in this film.



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