Ghosts of Dudley Castle


With Most Haunted’s Richard Felix & Dr David Dudley
Dudley Castle stands on top of a lofty limestone crag and was originally built in 1071 as a wooden motte & bailey castle. It was hugely re-fortified and built of stone in the 13th century by the de Somery family, one of whom still haunts the castle to this day. In the mid-16th Century it came into the possession of the ill-fated John Dudley, father-in-law of Lady Jane Grey (the nine days queen). He sanctioned building the magnificent and haunted Sharington range, much of which can still be seen to this day. John Dudley, his son, and Lady Jane Grey were all beheaded by Bloody Mary. Although he did not die in the castle, his ghost still haunts his beloved home, and is often seen by staff & visitors.
Dudley Castle is very close to Richards Felix’s heart, as this was the venue for the very first Most Haunted ‘Live’ and was Richard’s very first appearance on Most Haunted.
Dudley Castle has many other hauntings including grey ladies, witches, monks & poltergeists. So, why not join Richard Felix & Dr David Dudley as they take you on a tour of one of the Most Haunted properties in the West Midlands.
Approx. running time 42mins.



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